About Us

About MarieBelle's Founder

Maribel Lieberman

Since 2000, Maribel has been pleasing connesiurs with her unique collection of rare and delicate chocolates and confections at her retail boutique in Soho, New York. Her passion for chocolate is rooted in her upbringing in the cocoa fields of Honduras and is inspired by the exotic tropical fruits and flavors that delighted her as a child. A skilled chef, educated as a designer, Maribel fuses both of these passions together in her creations.

MarieBelle New York Retail Store

MarieBelle Store

Shopping for chocolates and sweets at MarieBelle in Soho is a unique pleasure. In a space as beautifully styled as our famous creations, our guests feel as though they have left the bustle of New York City for a slice of European sophistication. The shop offers MarieBelle's newest and tastiest creations, some of which are unavailable for sale anywhere else, and we constantly sample our most favorite products to whet our guests' palates.

With massive chocolate and nut "bark" featured as our latest addition, no chocolate-lover or accolyte of St. Valentine should miss our unique shopping experience.

Cacao Bar and Tea Salon

Cacao Bar

Within our retail spaces, visitors will find our quiet Cacao Bar and Tea Salon. These cozy salons provide the perfect respite from a bustling day, and offer a refined menu of light fare and revitalizing beverages. Here among the antique furnishings and tiny glittering crystal lights, the atmosphere immediately brings to mind the cafes of Paris, Vienna, and Budapest.

The aroma of fresh-baked pastries draws you to the little tables where you can enjoy a leisurely cup of espresso or cappuccino. Here you can also choose between American-style or European-style Aztec Hot Chocolate, or order from our list of exotic teas. In warmer months, visitors might sip a tall, refreshing MarieBelle Aztec Iced Chocolate, or one of our many smoothies like pineapple, coconut or passion fruit.

Each of our Tea Salons can be reserved for private events. The elegantly appointed rooms are perfect for your next shower or small gathering. 

To plan an event at MarieBelle SoHo: 

Please contact any of our Retail Team Managers: 

-(212) 249-4585 or via email at parties@mariebelle.com

-(212) 431-1768 or via email at rodolfo@mariebelle.com

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