Essence of Mariebelle

We carefully choose the finest selection of cacao beans
from all over the world: Criollo beans which are regarded for
their rich flavor and aroma.
Only the finest and most natural ingredients
are selected to make our ganaches.
These ingredients are slowly infused over night.
Their freshness is essential to the complexity in our product's flavor.
Using Mariebelle's recipe, chocolates and natural
inredients are combined and well tempared in
a Stephan machine to take any air out the mix and
to keep its freshness, The mixture is then
processed twice and spread onto a 10mm thin flame.
We settle the ganache over nigth and then it's cut into
small pieces. After enrobing the ganache with dark chocolate,
we place the cocoa based transfer sheet onto the top of the
enroebed ganache.Each design imprinted on the transfer sheets
have a different story.
After the enrobed ganache passes through a cooling tunel, the transfer sheet is peeled off.
The finished ganaches are then kept in tempreture controlled rooms to keep their quality.

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